David Coulthard in Transformers movie?

{ Posted on Jun 28 2007 by dScribe }
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Red Bull Racing are well known to support and promote new movie releases, especially in Monaco last year:

Red Bull Racing Superman the Movie

With the Transformers movie launched in Australia today, one would think there would be a direct link somewhere between Transformers and Formula One. After all, the Autobots are cars that transform into robots right? So wouldn’t it make sense to cross-promote by having a Transformer that’s a Formula One car?

There does seem to be an open-wheeler Transformer called Mirage, but instead of an F1 car that transforms into a robot, how about an F1 driver that transforms into a Transformer? :) Look no further than David Coulthard

Transformers: David Coulthard vs Optimus Prime

Transformers: David Coulthard vs Optimus Prime

David Coulthard – More than Meets the Eye! 8)

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