Photos of Lewis Partying Hard

{ Posted on Aug 13 2007 by dScribe }

If the following article is anything to go by, it seems Lewis Hamilton is going as fast off the track as he is on it…

Lewis Hamilton Partying with New Girl

I wonder what Fernando has been up to lately? Probably not having as much fun I’m sure.. 8)

But all I want to know is - is it true that Lewis Hamilton can walk on water?? ;)   (it sure looks like it in this photo… and how on earth did that girl get up there!? ;) )

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  1. i think Alonso has been spending most of his free time looking for a new team for next year :P hehehe

  2. LOL @ Stoney :D

    The BMW rumour is gaining some traction but they seem to treat their drivers as an exchangeable resources more than McLaren do, so would Fernando really be happy there? :)

    Renault certainly a possibility.. Red Bull Renault even.. but let’s hope he stays at McLaren for more fireworks with Hamilton :)

  3. To be honest I think this is exactly what Formula 1 needed. With the absence of the larger than life presence of Schumi, I thought it would all be about Alonso and Kimi. Then this guy shows up, has some talent – starts off as a hero and throws a spanner in the works.

    Now I can appreciate the rags to riches story as I’m on the rags part of my story :-) . But to start flaunting so soon? And dumping his girlfriend? Suddenly he is turning into the bad boy of F1! Whats all this doing for his mental focus? Alonso and Kimi have done all this already, got that T-Shirt! Will that be the deciding factor at the end of the season? Not enough focus on track? It’s going to be interesting to see….

    All I can say is bring it on, more fighting at McLaren, Lewis – get 2 new girlfriends and go shopping as much as you want. I feel a little sorry for Alonso cos he should be able to focus on the championship, not squabbling(?) with his teammate, but in a war – there is casualties… Yes, more of this I say, cos around the corner…………… the Iceman!

  4. Stephen – I love the part where you wrote “I’m on the rags part of my story” hehe.. that’s gold :)

    Lewis certainly seems to be filling the gap left by Schumacher – and with his partying he’s filling the gap left by Eddie Irvine (no wonder Irvine doesn’t seem to like him.. a young, better looking and much quicker version of Eddie ;) )

  5. Stephen…thats the problem with “Iceman”..he’s always around the corner, behind a Mclaren….! Still think Lewis is a flash in the pan, too much-too soon. Love the pic where he “hits the water”… its going to happen you know!!!…..and um….did not notice the “gap” left by Schumacher…;]

  6. Although his chin took up a lot of space….

  7. You crack me up Paula.. that was a great call.. first with not noticing the gap then with the chin comment.. LOL! :D

  8. Paula, Paula, Paula – You dont notice the gap Schumi left cos he was always 2 mins ahead of everyone else! In the next race when the leader starts his last lap take notice – thats the gap he left! And the only reason his chin took up space is cos thats where he took all the sarcasm, doubt, etc from all non-Schumi fans – on the chin. Not running to the press or his boss like other people we know…

    As for the “Iceman”, watch and learn.

  9. Lewis is headed for another crash, but not on the racetrack.

  10. off the track Lewis reminds me alot of Eddie Irvine…
    how long till he gets with the super models???

  11. Why is it that I can watch Kimi fall sodden head over drunken heels off a boat and while laughing until I snort still find it sort of endearingly quaint but when I look at this guy I just think of every frat-brat-turned-corporate-clone that I ever met?

  12. Verasaki – thats cause every picture he takes feels fake with a fake smile and a fake woman and it all seems so put on its not funnie….

  13. Lewis apparently knows what he’s doing….from what I could see the girl in the picture is the daughter of McLaren shareholder and co-founder Mansur Ojjeh. So it looks like he’s doing whatever it takes to ensure his future….he’s gonna crash one day. :)

  14. Maya – I think going out with the boss’ daughter is VERY risky business!! :) Great for the short term to try to help his shot at a championship this year, but he better hope he doesn’t break that girl’s heart.. ;)

  15. Being the calculated SOB that he is, I’m sure he’ll manage just fine – whether the relationship is short term or long…..:) :) :)

  16. Hi know enjoy ;)

  17. Carmen is mother left Lewis with his father when Lewis was 2 year old. Lewis calls his step mother, Linda mother. Secondly, non of the women is Lewis girlfriend expect the Asian girl who is his ex. The girl pictured is his boss daughter and her boyfriend was cut out of the picture. He as know her from he and her were kids.

  18. Carmen, Lewis birth mother left Lewis with is dad when he was 2. Lewis calls his step mother Linda Mother, Linda worked along side Lewis dad to finance his early career. Secondly non of the women pictured in the mail Newspaper is Lewis Girlfriend. He said in a ITV interview that all his boss Mansur Ojjeh daugters were there on the holiday with their Boyfriends. He have know all the girls from their were kids. He broke up with his girlfriend Joli mai, but are still good friends and may start dating her again in the future. He said he currently isn’t see anyone. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  19. Is the rumour that Carmen is Ron Dennis’ sister true? Source – a current F1 driver and an acknowledged fact in F1 paddock.

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