Turkish GP – Alonso Not Impressive

{ Posted on Sep 04 2007 by dScribe }
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Ok, so this update is a little late, but better being a little late than being Mark Webber right (who never gets there at all due to his car breaking down :P )..?

Felipe Massa – Great drive! What more to say? He handled the pressure from Kimi very well and both drivers were very quick.

Kimi Raikkonen – Possibly faster than Felipe in the race but couldn’t do anything about it. Once again this proves this championship will be won in qualifying.

Fernando Alonso – One of his most unimpressive races this year – and he knows it. I mean, he looked so happy on the podium you’d think he was the winner of the race! :)

Lewis Hamilton – I’m not sure whether he was unlucky or lucky. Unlucky to have his tyre go in the first place, but very lucky to recover from it. He really seemed to have the edge over Fernando today but once again he ballsed up the start (although this time so did Fernando, but even worse).

Nick Heidfeld – Mr Consistency and the thorn in Alonso’s side once again.. :)

Heikki Kovalainen – Say goodbye Giancarlo Fisichella8)

Nico Rosberg – Goodbye Alex Wurz too? :) Williams certainly seems to be finding some speed, slowly as it may be.. :)

Ferrari – Great job to keep the championship alive. Their performance yo-yo’s a bit but they’re still in the hunt…

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