Turkish GP – Alonso Not Impressive

{ Posted on Sep 04 2007 by dScribe }
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Ok, so this update is a little late, but better being a little late than being Mark Webber right (who never gets there at all due to his car breaking down :P )..?

Felipe Massa – Great drive! What more to say? He handled the pressure from Kimi very well and both drivers were very quick.

Kimi Raikkonen – Possibly faster than Felipe in the race but couldn’t do anything about it. Once again this proves this championship will be won in qualifying.

Fernando Alonso – One of his most unimpressive races this year – and he knows it. I mean, he looked so happy on the podium you’d think he was the winner of the race! :)

Lewis Hamilton – I’m not sure whether he was unlucky or lucky. Unlucky to have his tyre go in the first place, but very lucky to recover from it. He really seemed to have the edge over Fernando today but once again he ballsed up the start (although this time so did Fernando, but even worse).

Nick Heidfeld – Mr Consistency and the thorn in Alonso’s side once again.. :)

Heikki Kovalainen – Say goodbye Giancarlo Fisichella8)

Nico Rosberg – Goodbye Alex Wurz too? :) Williams certainly seems to be finding some speed, slowly as it may be.. :)

Ferrari – Great job to keep the championship alive. Their performance yo-yo’s a bit but they’re still in the hunt…

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  1. I wouldn’t agree that this was Alonso’s most unimpressive race. I still remember the Canadian race where Alonso went to graze on the grass more than you can count and was losing his cool when Hamilton was leading the race.
    He sure looked happy on the podium cause he was the luckiest McLaren driver on that day and finally he has finished the race a couple of places ahead of his nemesis Hamilton. Thats accomplishment for Alonso…Right?
    I wish we could had seen his face when he overtook a staggering Lewis on the track… The expression would had been priceless!!
    Williams slowly but surely improving. Renault were not great but the Alonso would say that is because he isn’t sitting in the cockpit of that car…HAHAHA…
    Ferrari, the Ace of the day and sure will be for the rest of the races….

  2. Yeah, Canada was pretty bad for Alonso too, but he at least showed some signs of having pace in the car (if he didn’t keep driving it off the track! ;) ). In Turkey he didn’t have any damage, didn’t go off the track, but just seemed slow. He lacked the spark that he usually shows even during tough race weekends.

    Anyway, let’s hope we can have a 4-way battle at the front one day instead of 2 Ferrari’s or 2 McLaren’s running off with one of the other cars struggling to keep pace in 3rd..

  3. dScribe.. hmmmmm…very late…and you start with the headline “Alonso not impressive”, not good, should have been more on the lines of “Lewis’s wheels finally fall off” lol, or maybe “Alonso claws his way back to third”…damn, but Hamilton was lucky to get a fifth place, it is uncanny. Should have seen MY face when Alonso overtook the “staggering” Lewis on the track. Best is still to come….can’t wait..

  4. Hi Paula.. yes, very late this time sorry.. Was thinking of you though hehe ;)

    I guess the reality is this – what would have happened if Lewis’ tyre didn’t fail? As much as many of us would have loved Fernando to catch him and try to pass, it wouldn’t have happened. It would have been another race where Lewis increased his championship lead.

    Fernando really needs to get it together in Q3. I just can’t wait until Fernando and Lewis are both on the front of the grid. I’m certain Fernando won’t yield into the first corner as he’s done in the past to avoid an accident :)

  5. Hee! Hee! Hee! You two McLaren fans are beginning to squabble like Lewis and Alonso! Can’t WAIT for this weekend!

  6. Hahaha! Stephen – Lewis and Alonso are getting along great….just ask Ron Denis ;)

    I am also looking forward to this weekend. The stands are sure to be a sea of red at Monza. What better place for a McLaren 1-2 finish?

    Paula- Enjoying your comments, always a good response (even if you do give Alonso too much credit for being handed a podium ;)

    dScribe – I agree, a good tight 4 way battle would be great. Why not throw Heidfeld in the mix for some real interest?

  7. Well thanks Jason – it is 2 hours before the race and everything seems to be going according to your plan. McLaren 1-2 on the grid and Heidfeld in between the (very slow) Ferraris! Kimi’s accident, half second of the pace – things not looking good. If it was any other team I’d say it’s over, but it’s not any other team – it’s Ferrari and I am expecting some Kimi magic this afternoon! COME ON GUYS!!!!

  8. P.S. Could this be the race that Lewis and Alonso take each other out in the first corner? The stage is set, let’s hope so!

  9. MONZA-ALONSO VERY IMPRESSIVE! sorry dscribe could not wait!!

  10. LOL!
    Webber comment!
    HA! So true…

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