Lewis tried to get Webber Penalized?

{ Posted on Oct 05 2007 by dScribe }

Thank God for YouTube! If you missed it, there’s an amateur video floating around showing that Lewis Hamilton contributed to the accident between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber during the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend. Let’s hope someone else captured Alonso spinning off from start to finish because the TV directors did a good job of missing that action too.. ;)

Apparently a few copies of this video have been taken off YouTube pretty quickly so let’s hope this embedded one below works for you all..

You’d have to say Lewis was trying the oldest trick in the book – braking suddenly so that the car behind you (Webber) passes you under the safety car. Then Webber would get a drive through penalty or similar, which would have been very convenient given that he was faster than Lewis before the safety car came out…

In any case, it’d be surprising if Lewis didn’t get punished in some way for his actions (actually, it wouldn’t be surprising – this is F1 after all! 8)). Article 40.10 of the F1 Sporting Regulations states:

Once behind the safety car, the race leader must keep within 5 car lengths of it.

Eyeballing it I’d say he left at least 10 car lengths (when the safety car was out of shot right at the end)..?

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  1. OMG, that was so on purpose…..what the hell is this guy doing? I mean, I’m not saying he’s not a good driver, but he’s turning into someone we said goodbye to last year, and it’s only his first season.
    If I were Webber, I’d soccer-punch him after the race….that was so unfair. He’s gonna crash soon, but I hope he can realize that what he’s doing is wrong before something really bad happens. :) :) :)

  2. I though Lewis was better than this!!!!I can’t believe him – when he’d doing this in his rookie season, what is he going to be doing when he’s a pro (that is if he stays that long).
    Do any of you guys here now if there’s a way to watch Formula 1 on-line? If you do, please let me know. Thanks

  3. IIRC Art.40.10 applies while the SC has its lights on. The race leader is meant to keep a good rhythm and the SC is there to ensure that things are safe and remains out (lights on) until things are safe enough for the race to continue. The ‘oldest trick in the book’ is only ‘allowed’ once the SC lights are off – when it is safe to continue the race. What he did is not particularly clever and it was done at the wrong time.

  4. Please, please, let this be a fair world and the “golden boy” gets some sort of penalty for this….I know that sounds mean, but can you imagine how Webber must have felt…!! (besides it will give Alonso a fair shot at the title again!!) What an amazing piece of incriminating camera work. Love the way Maya put it….”that was so on purpose”!! I too, would like to see what exactly happened with Alonso…how could they miss the whole crash footage, Jeez I dunno…

  5. Get over it-this is Formula 1-are you all rookie followers-?
    Mansell,Schummie,Prost,Senna-all the greats have done what it takes to win…-without cheating…

    and in case you’ve all forgotton-Vittel has already admitted he took his eyes off Webber,and then Bang…!

    As a lawyer-I’d say case closed!

    Lay off Hamilton-is it sooo hard to accept that he is just wayyy more talented than any other driver besides Kimi right now??

    The guy behind is at fault, and Webber is sooo a has-been in…sorry…-a never – been- in a 3rd rate car.!
    Sour grapes or what.

  6. I’m going to be stuck with my computer all day long to hear that he’ll be punished, my dear Heikki will win and Fernando will have a ( better )chance to be champion now that Kimi is too far away. Or is he? Formula is surprising and unfair, hopefully we’ll get some justice tonight :) I like Lewis but on the track I hate him.

  7. And here we go, no punishment… The golden boy strikes again…

  8. No penalty for Hamilton over Japanese Grand Prix-

    that’s the only fair and just result-
    he had serious vibration in the engine/chassis,after Kubica hit him.

    Cest la vie…
    Hamilton 2 win on Sunday-and I’ll be there 2 watch

  9. I am copying my 2 cents over from the other forum and keep this conversation from being too one-sided…..

    It is obvious that Hamilton slowed down considerably, but if he didn’t the whole group would have been into the back of the safety car. Hamilton commented that that Webber was not giving him enough space and kept popping up at his side in the poor visibility.

    Regardless, Hamilton and Webber were no where near each other with a wide open gap between them. With Vettel coming in so quickly, Hamilton was probably expecting him to pull around Webber and into the open spot. Vettel obviously wasn’t paying attention to Webber in front of him(and admitted to this).

    I think that the bottom line is that when there is that much water on the track all the cars need to compensate for it and give some room….just look how much water the safety car was pushing.

    Anyway I can it being argued both ways based on the limited information that we have seen.

    BTW does anyone else think that the FIA should be a little embarrassed having to open an investigation based on amateur video from YOUTUBE???? Where was their video coverage? They missed Alonso’s crash also….its not like they operate on a tight budget!! Maybe they should open a MYSPACE page and let the readers vote for the outcome

  10. Incredible!! Hamilton wins again, and now outside of the race!!
    This video speaks alone!!

    Why FIA needs to speak with Hamilton?? Speaks FIA wiht Vettel when penalty him??


  11. Jason, FIA should be very embarrased by the Lewis and Fernando videos… But back to not-punishning, 21 drivers thought he was guilty but Whiting&buddies decided to go their own way.

  12. Hey, y’all
    I just wanted 2 say that Lewis is having it really easy this season and a lot of his “incidents” were treated like nothin happened. He got away with some pretty ridiculous stuff, and he was guilty in most cases. I hope Ferni goes back 2 Renault, cause that b best 4 every1. :) :)
    And I’ll ask the same question as Emma – can u watch F1 on the internet??

  13. I agree with Megan on LH incidents. Somebody needs a British winner on F1, and a rookie at a British car is perfect, they are doing everything to that goal. And, on top, he is good. But he does not deserve it yet, and too anxious to get that title. Anyway, FA and KR have it really difficult

  14. Give Hamilton a break!!!! He has done extremely well in F1 and has now shown those f*ckwits like Alonso exactly how to drive properly. All this time they have drove like t1ts

  15. Give Hamilton a break!!!!
    Lewis Hamilton has done very well in F1, and has now shown those f*kwits like Alonso exactly how to drive properly. All this time they’ve drove like t1ts, and now cuz they knw they have great competition their starting to get jealous!
    1. by his looks and great personality and 2. Becuz he actually drives brilliant and controls the car like a F1 driver is spoze to do!!!! So fingers crossed lewis will win the championship in 2 wks, and gd luck to him. He deserves it!!!
    It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the nxt Ayrton Senna, he’s the best driver F1 have got.

  16. Stacie, your comments on China GP?. Not so brilliant.

  17. He didn’t get penalised…makes me wonder if Alonso was right…maybe he is getting special treatment…but not only from the team…but from the stewards as well…hmm…I don’t know, it just seems fishy to me…I mean, I’m sure that if another driver did it, they would’ve got penalised…I remeber Kubica got penalised that race for touching tyres with Hamilton…I’m pretty sure that he was the only one to get penalised for touching someone else…I don’t know…everything is starting to look a little more than just accusations coming from a sore loser…

  18. Oh, and Stacie, Hamilton will NEVER be Senna! NEVER!!

  19. I guess that I am just being optimistic that F1 isn’t allowing it’s commercial interests to influence the rules and outcome of the season. I read some comments from Bernie Eccelstone, something to the extent of “F1 needs Lewis Hamilton to be champion”.

    It makes me wonder how much of this season was fabricated by Ecclestone to increase media and interest in F1? I for one am content with F1 racing for it is and certainly don’t need or want the drama that came along with this season.

    I will however happily watch Hamilton take the Drivers Championship this year ;) and believe that he won it fair and square….it has been a long trip for Mclaren fans.

    Of course Alonso could also win it for Mclaren…but I can hear a faint cracking sound and I think it might be the pressure getting to him.

  20. Hey lozza….Wait and see

  21. OMG, Lozza, I totally agree with you that Lewis will never be Senna, never in his wildest dreams. And I would hate to see him win the championship because all of the things he’s done and he had it so easy. i’m not trying to deny that he’s good, but he didn’t exactly have a hard job….he was given a great car and a great team behind him the entire season. He certainly brought a lot of drama,and I thought that after MS left, there will be no more “drama”, but now I look at it, I’d prefer him on track more than Lewis.

  22. I believe Mark Hughes made some valid points that if Lewis wins the championship so soon that it may in the eyes of some “devalue the achievements of past heroes” in some capacity. This is inevidible, but must be taken in context; yes, Lewis is exceptional, but we haven’t seen him perform in an inferior car – at any stage of his career.

    Lewis may not have overstepped the the boundaries of on-track etiquette, but he’s certainly on the way. Schumi went beyond the envelope because he new he could get away with it in the context that F1 needed him and Ferrari more than a sense of fair play.

  23. I just want to try and even out the argument, what i will say is that Hamilton is a great driver with a lot of talent,but webber is also a great driver and has on too many times had results taken away from him either by other drivers stupidity or poor reliability. there was no need for hamilton to try and lay blame on webber in the pot rece press conference stating that that his ‘instincts’ told him that something was going to happen. If he’s wondering why people are starting to dislike him just take a look at that comment how arrogetnt is that that he can wipe himself clear of any guily and place blame on the man who got hit from behind, when he himself the whole time was driving behing the sc with the intention of outbreking his opponenst to put them off. i don’t think either mcclaren driver should win the championship this year as they used ferrari data to improve the car, but if i had a preference it would be alonso for the mere fact that he hasn’t ruined webbers season and then insult him to clear his own name.

  24. hope hamilton gets his payback.. worst than what webber’s felt..

  25. Oops, he did it again.
    Can someone explain to me, plz, WTF is going on. He uses two sets of tires, even though it’s against the rules and he doesn’t receive any kind of punishment. This is getting really ridiculous….if Jenson and Sato were the only ones who did this, they’d probably be punished big time. But, not golden boy, he’s becoming untouchable and the number of his “incidents” just keeps on growing.

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