Yahoo – Kimi Keeps Championship Despite Fuel Probe

{ Posted on Oct 22 2007 by dScribe }

Breaking F1 news:

According to Yahoo/Eurosport, BMW and Williams will not be punished for their fuel irregularity during the Brazilian Grand Prix. This means that Lewis Hamilton remains classified 7th and does not take the World Drivers Championship away from Kimi Raikkonen.

Update: Word is that McLaren are appealing the decision, so Lewis may yet still claim the title in his rookie season. Let’s hope the appeal process doesn’t take weeks as they often do.

15 Responses to “Yahoo – Kimi Keeps Championship Despite Fuel Probe”

  1. Thank freaking god!
    YAY! For Kimi! I’m so glad he won. I’ve been backing him front the start to win the championship! Never doubted him once! An awesome race yesterday! Well, worth staying up ’til 5 am to watch!!

    But, WTF? was with the cutting out before the end of the conference?! To some stupid other thing halfway through Alosn talking!

  2. Red power,spanish buthead can go in renault and litle Lewis can cry on mr.Denis sholder.FERRARY RULES!!!There is Ferrary and the others cars!

  3. Hey slo…big Ferrari fan should know how to spell Ferrari!!
    Sorry Alonso could not take the win, but very happy for Kimi, a well deserved victory. Great race though, kept us glued to the screen every minute. Now we wait….’til next time. d-scribe thanks for a great fun site, we sure needed to look on the lighter side occasionally this year!! well done.

  4. All I can say is thank God Kimi won. I’m not a Ferrari fan but there isn’t anyone who deserved to win more this year. He finally got his wish, and I’m happier than I thought I would be. He’s just lucky ti have a great team behind him and a great team-mate like Massa.
    I am a little disappointed for Fernando, but definitely over the moon because Lewis didn’t win. Just hope that they don’t ruin everything with that appeal.
    And one more thing….I want to thank the guys for making this site, it’s really great and see you next season. LOL

  5. About time for Kimi… Regarding the decision of McLaren to push the fuel issue; The way they’re behaving this year, I expect that next year they will do away with drivers altogether and just field a team of lawyers.

  6. Lozza – I presume you mean the Australian TV feed got cut before the end of the conference? Annoying isn’t it? Especially for those who stayed up late or got up early. Sub-standard :(

    slo – “Ferrary”? 8) Or maybe you’re so happy it’s Ferrar-YAY! ;)

    Paula & Maya – It’s a pleasure to bring you the web site and we couldn’t do it without your support :) A big thank you to both of you and everyone else who has joined in on the fun over the season. The community has grown so much over the year and we look forward to keeping you entertained even during the off-season – so stay tuned! ;)

    nearmiss – LOL! :) They might actually win the championship if they do that! Or at least not get kicked out.. ;)

  7. Well done Kimi and a special mention to Ron Dennis – who could not have been more gracious in defeat despite being burnt at the stake this year.

  8. great championship winner for KIMI.. very delightfull over his winning although i hope that alonso is the one who can hold on to that title for the 3rd consecutive years…any way bravo KIMI..

  9. The facts are very clear-there was a factual breach of the FIA regulations, and if they are not upheld against BMW and Williams ,so that Kimi can keep his championship, it proves once again that all the FIA rules only work in favour of Ferrari-
    because Max Mosely is best buddies with the Chairman of Fiat/G Perigaux and Ferrari, and hates Ron Denis.

    So, the people in the know in F1 are taking and treating Hamilton as the technical winner in any event-by 1 point, over Kimi,-another hollow victory for them-

    because, as has been circulating all over the internet, the whole world knows that if that had been Maclaren with their fuel 10 degrees over the allowed limit, they would have been disqualified immeadiately!

    So Hamilton is the winner, if the rules are being applied fairly.

    Which they won’t be.Because Mosely is a Kunt!!

    That’s all I have to say for this season-

    wait till Karma hit’s Ferrari next season.

  10. can we get Ron Dennis to come over here to Australia during the off season his tears could end the droughts we have over here

  11. deCrasheris – I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic about Ron Dennis there? ;)

    yna – Yes, bravo Kimi :)

    Paul – The FIA certainly does seem to rule in favour of Ferrari a lot (and against McLaren a lot), but in this case most of the powerful people were rooting for Lewis to win. It makes a lot more sense commercially and is a bigger news story than Ferrari winning yet another championship.

    Anyway, if we take the precedent of a similar breach that Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard had years ago, the team lost their points but the drivers kept theirs. So that would mean the drivers championship remains unchanged anyway. No need for McLaren to appeal really (they have no contructors championship points to gain as they’re already thrown out). Funny thing is, from memory Schuey and Coulthard had the fuel temp problem in Brazil as well… Wonder if it’s the hot weather or possibly the altitude of the track?

    Stoney – LOL! Good one ;) And good to hear from you mate 8) Hope you enjoyed the season!

  12. I’m on the edge of my seat. I am so worried that the title will go to that snot nosed, cocky little baby LH, but he did provide large drama and competition.Liked him at first, then got to know him.
    Kimi would still be the Champion in everyones Heart and Mind.The history books will verify the best driver is Kimi Raikkonen.His stats prove it.
    P>S> Paul,This championship was really for Kimi , not Ferrari, they have their own.
    You are right though about the points for teams, not drivers, being taken away, makes sense and gives me a lot of hope.

  13. I’ve been a big fan of Kimi’s now for several years and am very happy that he finally got the kind of car that didn’t fall apart halfway through a race so that finally, he could win the Championship that he has been certainly good enough to win the past three years (were it not for DNFs due to bad equipment). I also am very impressed with the young Master Hamilton and a quite sure he will win several Championships before he is through. Unless, of course, he wakes up and realizes that he can make five times the money in NASCAR. It’s time they made F1 reward the drivers on a scale comensurate with their abilities. NASCAR, a far more democratic racing series, actually returns a lot of the money that Brian France makes back to the people who make it all work: the drivers. Love of hate NASCAR, thmoney there is very hard to pass up, and F1 (cf., Ecclestone) needs to cough up the BIG bucks to their stars.

  14. Grace – Gosh, I almost forgot about McLaren’s fuel temperature protest against Williams and BMW… seems like soooooo long ago now. If they gave the Championship to Lewi now all hell would break loose I’m sure :)

    Mister Wynn – How much do NASCAR drivers get paid and how much do F1 drivers get paid? I always thought the top F1 drivers got loads more? Maybe an average F1 driver could make more in NASCAR but a top driver..? :)

  15. Congratulation a lot for Kimi. Finally u got the world champion in this year. I’M so glad to know that u can keeps ur world champion. Bravo For KIMI!!!

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