Photo of Alonso Testing Red and White Car

{ Posted on Nov 30 2007 by dScribe }

We managed to find a photo of Fernando Alonso testing a red and white car. We can’t verify the source of the photo and seriously doubt it’s a recent shot, but it should help keep the Alonso 2008 rumours burning… ;)

Fernando Alonso Testing Red and White Car - Honda? Ferrari? Super Aguri?

The latest rumours have Fernando Alonso at Honda for 2008. If they’re true, it’s an even bolder move than Michael Schumacher moving to Ferrari in 1996.

This photo reminds us of last year in December when we found shots of Kimi Raikkonen testing a red car… ;)

11 Responses to “Photo of Alonso Testing Red and White Car”

  1. Just the cutest thing!!!!

  2. So Fernando has always had good taste in hairstyles. But that looks like it’s modelling a mid-1980’s McLaren, so when he said some time back that he’d always dreamed of going to McLaren, he evidently wasn’t joking…

  3. it’s so cute!!

  4. looks like a Penske IRL Car ;)

  5. I have some great cartoons called f1world at

  6. I think you’ve hit it StoneColdSpider. That’s what all the secrecy is about-Alonso’s decided to wipe the IRL field this year and make all those F1′ers really sorry they were so mean to him.

  7. How long is he going to wait? Teams are testing, things are happening. I expected an answer by now. Do you think things at Renaud have soured?

  8. Paula & Chryso – It’s funny because you can tell this is Fernando, but when he got older he was quite fair and then went dark again – especially his eyebrows hehe ;) But you’re right, very cute :)

    Alinora – I think everyone used to dream of driving for McLaren or Ferrari.. but now I’m not so sure people will dream about McLaren as much after this year… :)

    Stoney – I think year right – this year’s Penske even!! ;)

    Trey – I was going to delete your comment as it’s a bit spammy, but I went to your Myspace… some of the jokes are really bad man! hehe ;) BUT, there’s one gem in there – the Kimi Wheel!! LOL! Good job on that one. Can we post it here for everyone?? :)

    verasaki – Just as long as he doesn’t go for any tin tops like Montoya and Villeneuve :)

    Phil – I think Fernando is just waiting to see whether Renault get burnt in their own spy saga before committing. Love the talk of him going back to McLaren lately – that’s hilarious :) Then again, I believe he did leave Renault because he didn’t feel comfortable there anymore either..!? 8)

  9. I never used to dream of driving for McLaren or Ferrari… …but then I’ve only ever supported Jordan/Midland/Spyker/Force India in terms of teams. And I learned very early on that I didn’t have the co-ordination to drive an F1 car!

    Looks like Alonso will be going back to Renault, now that the FIA have kindly left that particular door open…

  10. just how many people were expecting THAT little gem of a pic??? i still dont like the guy though (the stroppy git) and im glad hes gone back to his former team maybe he shouldnt have left there in the first place

    heres a question for you; if lewis had had another team-mate last year would he have had the number one on his car (though not forgetting the spy thingy) if anything i reckon alonso held him up (and not just in the pits either) AND tried to shove him off the black stuff and make him see how green the grass was

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