Cate Blanchett to play Valentino Rossi

{ Posted on Dec 07 2007 by dScribe }
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Cate Blanchett is playing some famous dude in her new movie. While it’s claimed she’s playing Bob Dylan, personally I think she’s really playing MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi;)

Cate Blanchette vs Valentino Rossi

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  1. I still believe its a shame rossi didnt make the switch…. maybe theres still hope! No doubt massa did his best this year but I think his zenith has been reached! check out my f1 cartoons at

  2. they really look like bro and sis….

  3. Siblings? More like clones! LOL, this is the best one I’ve seen since Jarno Trulli and the Yorkie Terrier. Good one!

  4. This is a good one :-)

  5. f1treyf1 – Yeah, there’s still hope for Rossi to make it to F1 one day… or rally driving maybe. But we’ll just have to see how Alonso goes this year to see whether he’ll be the next on Ferrari’s list :)

    Yna / Verasaki / F1wolf – Glad you all liked the post :) Really nice to hear positive comments as we’ve had a few bad ones. A wonderful 2008 to you all! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Vale…. Buon Compleanno!! I hope you healthy always! and this years become yours. I am always pray to you. You always be my Idol, my inspiration. This years my The Doctor return. THE DOCTOR IS BACK. I LOVE YOU VALE……!!

  7. u are the best valle….

  8. il dottore .. history is written .. The legend goes on



  10. Valentino Rossi…..
    you always the best…….

  11. Valentino Rossi 46….
    U’r No. 1 In the world….

    LoVe U So MuCh……^_^

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