Schumacher Taxi Story Bogus?

{ Posted on Dec 13 2007 by dScribe }
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Call me cynical, but there has been a lot of talk regarding Michael Schumacher taking over the driving duties of a taxi to get his family to the airport on time… and I don’t buy it. Until we hear something from Michael’s own mouth regarding the incident, I believe the whole thing is bogus.

First of all, doesn’t Michael have his own private jet? Can’t it wait?

How much time difference would speeding in a taxi make? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Plus, it’s not the sort of example someone involved in the Make Roads Safe campaign or the European Road Safety Charter should set now is it?

It just smells fishy to me…

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  1. Yes – I did drive the taxi, and it was all part of getting me noticed ahead of this weekend’s Race of Champions

  2. First of all … does it really matter? Is this one of those stories that deserves scrutany?

    Second: Even if one should own a private jet, one probably doesn’t own the airport, the pilots and the other crew. Being on time might not be as important but it certainly still is important enough. True … when you have a bank account as fat as Schumi’s you probably can afford to be late but then again … who are we to judge?

    Three: A large portion of the supposed ride took place on the Autobahn (no speed limit in certain places). The difference between 130 kph and 200 kph would result in more than 5-10 minutes advantage.

    It’s sad … maybe when Schumi farts wrong we’ll get to talk about that for a while.

  3. Exactly what I thought when I heard it!…would he really need to use a taxi, as far as security it would be insane!and if it didn’t matter why would it be on world wide news? LOL …never heard about the farting incident though?…is there a wrong way?

  4. Michael Schumacher – Ahhh.. so that’s the real reason you did it! In that case – good publicity stunt! ;)

    fokGoogol – It obviously does matter to some people if the major news services around the world picked up the story.. All we’re trying to say is that it’s a strange story to report on. Is it responsible to report on and glorify a celebrity driving like that on public roads (with his family in the car!)?

    So what would happen if they were late for their plane? They can’t schedule take-off a little bit later?

    And why wouldn’t he just ask the driver to go a bit faster?

    I found some more detail on the story (… Turns out the taxi was a Open Vivaro mini-van style which has a top speed of 163 kph. The trip was 30 km. So let’s say Schumi was driving at 160 kph and that the cab drive was only doing 80 kph… Schumi would take just over 11 mins to get there – the cabbie would take twice as long – which is pretty darn close to 10 mins difference don’t you think?

    Factor in a few mins to swap places with the driver, traffic etc and you’re looking at an even smaller difference.

    Paula – LOL! :) I’ve never heard of a farting incident with Michael either, although I heard Ralf might have “farted wrong” (as fokGoogol puts it) after having dinner with the Force India team… after having some rasam I believe ;)

  5. @ dScribe: lol! That puts a whole different meaning to the name “Force India” :D … I hope Ralf’s pants are still in one piece.

    About the story on M.Schumi: Public roads in Germany (the Autobahn) allow for unlimited speed. The advised speed limit is 130 so I assume the taxi was doing 120. It indeed was an Opel Vivaro but if cabs in Germany are anything like they are over here in Holland it will not have been the cheapest version. I suspect the top speed to be higher (a lot). But let’s not get into that :) Fact that this story is making front page on almost every serious F1 site is ridiculous! :D Hence my comparison to the fart-incident that never actually happened (well … not that I can tell anyway). Discussing if it’s true would be admitting that it’s good news which needs to be discussed. Let’s just say he did. :P

    I’m far more interested in McLaren’s driver lineup for 2008 then I am in what Schumi does in his own time. Who cares that he got a puppy or at what speed he got it at. I just think that IF it happened it has more to do with a instance of publicity or sheer “Autobahn bravery” (Showing off) or maybe a bit of both. IF it happened I say bad timing (with wife and child and stranger in car), if it didn’t happen then what are we still talking about? :D

    * I hope this farting incident doesn’t “break” the news

  6. fokGoogol – “Force India”… LOL! Never thought of that! Well done!!! :D

    Interesting stuff you mention about the Autobahn and the taxis there. We’re not lucky to have any roads or any taxis like that here :(

    It’s great that you’ve been such a good sport with the comments and welcome to the site!! :) (I don’t think I’ve seen you comment before?)

    BTW interesting username ;) Is it to do with the big G search engine? ;)

    Ok.. tomorrow we’ll have a story about McLaren… just have to try to think of something interesting to say about them (other than the fact that we would rather see Kovalainen there than PDLR :) )

  7. @ dScribe : Thanks for your warm welcome :)

    About the Autobahn: It’s legendary :D Even the Nurburgring (Nordschleiffe) is a part of it (a circuit that officialy is a piece of highway with unlimited speed … that’s why it’s open to public). Find a YouTube movie about it here:

    About the taxi’s in Holland and Germany: Up till not so long ago all taxi’s in Holland were Mercedeses (and no meager ones while at that). Now, when you get a cab in the Netherlands you can find yourself in any top-o-the-range car (even Hyundais, I’m affraid to say … BUT the most luxurious ones). And we only make DAF trucks and Spyker sportscars (and some vague mobile called Carver). If you’re a cab there two situations you can be in. The continental way (where cabs are not the same and the better looking car is more likely to catch a fare) and the colonial/imperial way (all cabs look alike, you don’t care which one you ride in).

    About my username: Lol … fok = a forum (Dutch I visit regulary), Googol is an abbreviation of my username there :)

    I’ll be back! (To read about McLaren and to see if there accidently IS a farting-incident to report). :)

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