5 Drivers that could drive McLaren in 2008

{ Posted on Dec 14 2007 by dScribe }

fokGoogol – this post’s for you… ;)

Ok, while in reality there might only be 3 drivers genuinely in the running for the 2nd McLaren race seat in 2008, here’s our guesstimates on 5 drivers who have a chance to land the seat in order of most-probable to least-probable:

  1. Heikki Kovalainen – I’d say the odds of Heikki being McLaren’s 2nd driver are almost 1:1. He’s a very smart choice because while he has flashes of brilliance, he hasn’t yet shown rock-solid consistency so he wouldn’t pose much of a threat to Lewis Hamilton.
  2. Gary Paffett – While PDLR is the media 2nd favourite, Gary Paffett would make more sense. Why not give another young driver a chance? It worked out well with Lewis Hamilton last year so why not with Gary this year? He may not be as fast as Lewis but maybe that’s a good thing for the team (read: designated no.2 driver). And if he’s not as good as PDLR then get rid of the guy and stop teasing him with the hope of racing one day! 8)
  3. Pedro de la Rosa – Good ol’ PDLR is always in the thick of it isn’t he? But the sad reality is when he got an opportunity to drive for McLaren last year, he didn’t do anything special.
  4. Adrian Sutil – Would have had a real chance if Force India weren’t asking for a lot of ringit for his services.. :)
  5. Ralf Schumacher – Actually, Ralf doesn’t really make it to the top 5 list… he’d only just make it on the top 500 list of drivers that have a chance to drive at McLaren! ;)

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