Spanish GP – Yawn

{ Posted on May 01 2008 by dScribe }
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The Spanish Grand Prix had such a good build up… Alonso almost on pole… Kubica still mixing it up with the “big boys” (even though he’s physically a bigger boy than all of them :P )… Then the race came… What a let down…

Fernando Alonso – An unbelievable qualifying effort. I thought Nelson Piquet Jr was starting to get closer to Fernando’s pace in previous rounds but the Spanish Grand Prix has just shown how huge the gap is between the two. How ironic that the traditionally reliable Renault couldn’t last the distance. I’m not sure but I think it was James Allen that made a fantastic comment during the race (yes James, we give you cred when it’s deserved! ;) ) – something along the lines of “Alonso drives very bad cars very quick and drives very good cars pretty average” (paraphrasing). With that said, hopefully the Renault is no longer a “very bad” car.

Renault – Big ups to the team for all their hard work to make such a quantum leap in performance. I can’t believe I just wrote big ups… :P

Heikki Kovalainen – Very happy to see him walk out of hospital on the news today. Hope he’s better for the next round. Maybe he might come back even quicker like Robert Kubica did after his terrible Canadian accident.

Kimi Raikkonen – Another day another Finn… I mean win… 8)

Lewis Hamilton – Very good race given where he started from. Seems McLaren is dropping a bit from Ferrari but perhaps they’ll turn that around on slower circuits (like Monaco). 

Mark Webber – Didn’t see much of him but a great qualifying and a great race. Looks like the Renault is a pretty handy engine on the faster circuits.

Giancarlo Fisichella – Have to mention our Italian friend as always because he continues to do a remarkable job in an  

David Coulthard – Bye bye in 09 :P

Robert Kubica – Mr Top 6 himself :)

Toyota – Just when they seemed to be getting near the top 4 they go backward… :(

Honda – Honda seem to have gained a little performance on the other hand (compared to Toyota)…

Nick Heidfeld – Hmm. I don’t understand why Robert is outperforming Nick so much lately (both qualifying and now, race).

Channel 10 Australia – Thanks for not showing the driver interviews… not. I guess the Indian Premier League is pretty cool but come on, just show it 5 mins later next time (it is on every friggin night after all, whereas we only get F1 every 2 weeks or so). 8)

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  1. Does Fernando deserve such a big paragraph for one good qualifying? If qualifying is the case, why didn’t you mention Bourdais?? Piquet’s retirement means we’ll never know how much fuel he had on board, so, we can never have a good comparision, but even though for alonso’s supporter thats a joy…
    Toyota’s radio was a worry, had it not been, Jarno would have finised 2 places higher…
    i would rate super aguri though for finishing the race… drivers haven’t had any running throughout the winter and still they were doing their best… if i could only finance 2 million per week…

  2. Parag – Funny you should mention how big the comment about Fernando was because I was considering splitting it up into 2 comments – one about Fernando and one about James Allen’s commentary being somewhat better… but as his best comment was related to Fernando so it just worked better as one. :)

    I don’t understand the Bourdais comment? He qualified in 16th. Not exactly newsworthy no matter how much quicker he was than his teammate. But both him and Vettel are doing a great job regardless.

    As for Super Aguri, you’re right. I really hope they survive too. They showed up Honda last year big time and deserve to at least finish the season.

  3. Loud-mouth Alonso did some driving this weekend,Yawn…Oh well. The rest of the time he talks talks talks about the plight of his team, Renault as if they were indebted to have him in the team….its vice versa…. Alonso might have had no team vacancies or the lowly seats of F1 hadn’t Briatore given him some consideration. And look at how he repays them back. Every press conference is a banter of the plight of the Renault team, No wonder Montezemolo doesn’t want him at all.
    He probably drove the race raking up the revs in his car just to impress the home crowd.. just look how lowly he will seem in the next race. Wanna bet???? And dont compare him with his teammate… You all know how Piquet got his seat in Formula1

  4. Oh!!! and I forgot to mention…
    Indian Premier League IPL is awesome…
    A good race needed for the next weekend if I am not to be tempted to change channels to watch the cricket matches…

  5. As for channel 10, you gotta give them some credits in broadcasting the race sooner than later. Obviously they arent broadcasting it live as we would like them to be, but compared to previous years where they would broadcast the race around 1oclock at the next morning, this year has seen some dramatic improvements. i think they showed it about 11 when the thing began at 10 local time..
    word of advise, invest in a satellite.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone is praising Renault for their effort this past race. Does anyone really believe that a RENAULT managed to qualify second without having to lighten up on fuel? Not a chance, especially if you look at where they usually end up qualifying in races.
    Also, everyone seems to have forgotten that NEITHER of their cars finished the race. Not such a good job in my books.

  7. Robin Stephen – Piquet has been rather disappointing. Especially when you consider how good Rosberg has been going – he’s certainly doing the family proud :)

    And yes, the IPL is fantastic :) I’m surprised it’s taken so long for something like that to come around..

    Michelangelo – Sure, Channel 10 do a pretty good job, but the IPL is on every single night. If someone was staying up to watch the IPL I’m sure another 5 mins for the driver interviews isn’t going to make much difference to them :)

    As for satellite, I’ll stick to free-to-air and live in hope for an official F1 stream over the internet one day… :)

    Caitlin – From memory, Alonso was 2 seconds off the pace in qualifying in the previous round. Then in Spain he almost got pole. Whether he was light on fuel or not, that’s a massive improvement.

    But yes, bad marks for Renault on the reliability front (including their Red Bull engines going a few times this year).. 8)

  8. You don’t think it’s weird that a Spanish driver almost got pole in his home country?
    Looks to me like he just wanted to give his countrymen something to cheer for…

  9. Caitlin – This is something that bothers me about Spanish MotoGP riders – they always ride SO much better in Spain :) Seems it could be true for Spanish F1 drivers too… 8)

  10. A great comment from James Allen, it really seems to fit. Also as Caitlin so rightly says Spanish drivers and riders really do pull something else out on home tracks.

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