Grand Prix of Turkey – Who let the dogs out?

{ Posted on May 15 2008 by dScribe }
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Felipe Mass – I think the next time Felipe gets pole position against I’m going to place a bet on him to win the race… ;)

Lewis Hamilton – A fantastic drive given the circumstances – Bridgestone recommended he run a 3-stop race to avoid a tyre failure like he had last year, despite them constructing a more durable tyre. If he was on a 2-stopper he probably would have won.

Heikki Kovalainen – Heikki, Heikki, Heikki… A brilliant qualifying and then you dropped the ball with an extremely poor start. Can’t really blame Kimi for the tyre failure. For a circuit that is supposed to be good for passing, it seemed to take Heikki a bit of time to get back ahead of people who are normally “backmarkers”. 

Kimi Raikkonen – Drove a fairly smart race to bag some good championship point. Wonder if he would have pressured Lewis more in the closing stages if he was behind in the championship…

Nick Heidfeld – I’ve put Nick ahead of Robert Kubica here because he is often left in the shadows. What a great drive in the background to leapfrog both Alonso and Webber in one hit. :)

Robert Kubica – Brought in another good result for BMW, but they didn’t look as shiny as in previous races.

Mark Webber – Great drive in both qualifying and in the race. So happy the car seems to be holding together! :)

Dogs on the track – Thankfully no dogs got on the track during the F1… but what about poor Bruno Senna hitting a dog during his GP2 race. This sort of thing just shouldn’t happen at an international even.

Giancarlo Fisichella – Last, but not least, Giancarlo – it was your fault!! 8)

9 Responses to “Grand Prix of Turkey – Who let the dogs out?”

  1. It’s good to see Lewis back on track (pun not intended) after his Bahrain fiasco.
    Red Bull (or at least Webber) is really impressing me this year.

  2. Caitlin – Speaking of how well Red Bull is going (with Webber), what on earth has happened to DC this year? :) He seemed to be quite close to Webber for a while then suddenly he’s nowhere…

  3. Lewis is getting back on track, but it’s still not as good as it was last seasons (luckily!). As for Red Bull, and Webber especially, I’m really glad he’s doing better this season, cuz he deserves to finally finish the race and maybe get some points. After last season’s incidents, this one is definitely an improvement.

  4. no mention of poor Super Aguri?? ah well,

    anywayz apprently Raikonen not getting 2nd and delivering a ferrari one-two has nothing to do with Raikonens mistake in quali or a damaged nose but that leader Massa didn’t defend hsmilton better, I wonder what goes through the mind of f1 bosses nowadays, wierd PR stunts, Blaming one driver for thier teamates shortcomings, what next?? theyll be making f1 drivers ware clownsuits on the poduim perhaps??

    what has happened to Couthard this season, same has every season, crashes make stupid comments bout ohther drivers, moaning about the rules, hes a very averagre driver who seems to have fooled some people (inculding himself) that hes any good, Im glad the british media have stopped the will he/wont he win the title this season lark, It was never gunna happen

  5. It looks like Coulthard’s on his last legs. I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of him anymore. Being so experienced and using the same car, he should AT LEAST be qualifying and finishing somewhere in the vicinity of Webber (Australia and Malaysia being exceptions).

  6. Hamilton didnt drive a great race as mentioned… He was much below par than the Ferrari pace on equal load.. It was poor (or maybe intentional) driving by Massa that let him forward and do those quick laps. He was well suited for a 2nd place finish even if he had to drive a 2 stop race.. he almost lost that with a 3 stop strategy..
    Raikonnen still need a tighter rein and bite.. He still lacks a bit of bite when he can actually conquer the others…

    Saw the highlights of Bruno Senna hitting a dog OH MY!!!! … Have seen stray dogs in Intl. cricket matches …But totally unacceptable to have stray dogs on the racing circuit…Turkey need to be banned for 2 years for this… Serious…

    I wish I had Coulthards manager on my side… He must be the best in the world… ;)

  7. well robin Couthards couthards manager is ex f1 drivers and british F1 tv analysits/commentaer, Mark Blundell, and Mrtin Brundle lol, Probeerly not very intresting to know but it is an unexpected carrer change lol

  8. Hey, check it out, McLaren Mercedes sells wine!

    I am not even kidding!

  9. Maya – Yeah, it’ll be hard for Lewis to beat his first season in F1 (even if he wins the championship it’s possibly more spectacular what he did in his first season).

    Dave – I like to try to stay away from the political side of things. It’s such a shame about Super Aguri because they really showed up Honda last year. But that’s life I guess. They were living on borrowed time for a while now..

    LOL re: your Coulthard comments :D

    Caitlin – I guess that’s what to be expected from an old man though (in F1 terms) ;)

    Robin Stephen – I’m replying to this after having watched the Monaco race and you’re certainly right about Raikkonen – he needs to step up his game to stay ahead (well, get back ahead now).

    Turkey probably won’t get banned or even punished at all until their contract is due to lapse… then if they have competition from other countries in the region who want a race they could be in trouble..

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