Monaco Grand Prix – A new King?

{ Posted on May 29 2008 by dScribe }
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It’s been such a hectic week that I haven’t even had time to watch the race let alone do a review on the Grand Prix of Monaco, so this time I’m throwing it out to the fans – what were your thoughts about the race and the drivers/teams? Don’t be shy… we’re all friends here ;)

Edit - As Stephen was the first to jump in and did such a good review of the race, here are his comments in the main part with bold text and all… ;)   A big thank you to Stephen and everyone else who has commented here. We’ll be back on track (so to speak) for Canada :)

Lewis – So lucky, hit the barrier, didn’t lose too many places due to the rain and managed to get back out in one piece.(Heres the professional bit) He did drive well for the rest of the race and managed to clinch the win. He seemed quite happy with this.

Robert – Another consistent performance. If he carries on like this, he will be right there at the end of the season. Did well to keep Massa behind him. BMW are definately at the same party as Mclaren and Ferrari.

Massa – What happened!! This should have been his race so easily! They made a real mess of his strategy, gone are the days of Ross Brawn. He has to pull it together.

Alonso – Shame! He saw a big chance to score some points here and I think got a little over enthusiastic. Pushed too hard and paid the price, twice! I must admit he is bigger than the team he is in at the moment but then a great driver would turn it back into a winning team. I’m sure he’ll get there.

Kimi – I am a Kimi guy, but I think he was just taking the weekend off here. Maybe Saterday night in Monaco is just too wild! Could have come away with something if he hadn’t run into the back of Sutil. Oh well, next time.

Sutil – One of the saddest moments we’ve had in F1 for a while. You could feel his exitement and then nothing. He still deserves respect for an amazing drive.

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