British GP – Lewis vs Lewis

{ Posted on Jul 08 2008 by dScribe }
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Thanks to terrible strategy from Ferrari and Felipe Massa and Robert Kubica going AWOL, Lewis Hamilton absolutely obliterated the field during his home Grand Prix. After the first round of pit stops the only person that could have stopped Lewis was Lewis himself.

Lewis Hamilton – Very impressed with how he handled the pressure of his home race. Always in control, always fast (even though he could have backed off). A brilliant performance. I was a bit worried he was pushing too hard toward the end, but he’s one of those drivers that only knows one way around the track – the fast way :)

Kimi Raikkonen
– A real shame Ferrari didn’t change his tyres during the first round of pit stops. He certainly looked like he could have challenged Lewis and it would have been great to see some on-track action. Quite a good little comeback toward the end of the race – but one that shouldn’t have had to happen in the first place.

Nick Heidfeld – Drove a solid race. Somewhat lucky with Raikkonen and Alonso’s strategies, but still did a great job in outperforming his teammate and keeping it on the black stuff :)

Rubens Barrichello – WOW! You go Ruby Ruby Ruby! :)   I don’t think Barrichello is anything special in terms of talent but it’s always great to see a “nice guy” and an underdog like him up there with a great result 8)

Fernando Alonso – In the early stages of the race, Alonso was coming through the pack so fast I thought he might be able to even win the race. Then he messed up by telling the team to keep his (worn) intermediate tyres on. Sure, it could have gone either way – it could have dried up and he could have been the hero. However what’s slower – new intermediate tyres on a drying track or old intermediate tyres on a wet track. I’m sure in most cases it’d be the latter…

Kazuki Nakajima – Hmm… When does Jarno Trulli’s contract run out? This guy is starting to look hot for a Toyota works seat… :)

Mark Webber – It was hard enough seeing pole position slip away from the Aussie, but the start of the race was even more painful. When he kept the car in a straight line, he certainly seemed to be quick, yet the scrappiness at the start was horrible.

Felipe Massa – WTF!? Seriously… WTF!? 8)  I can only hope Felipe gambled with a dry set up before the race hoping it would dry up because if that car was set up for the wet, either the engineers messed up big time or Felipe will be now known as Felipe Mess-up… ;)

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