Video: Raikkonen and Montoya Vs Photographers

{ Posted on Jul 08 2008 by dScribe }
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Edit: Seems YouTube has taken down the original video, so we had to link to a video with commentary from, erm… Borat… ;)

I didn’t realise until after the race, but before the British Grand Prix on Sunday Kimi Raikkonen pushed the well renowned photographer Paul-Henri Cahier to the ground when he got a little too close. According to the Ferrari camp, Paul was standing on Kimi’s equipment. According to Paul’s web site, he never touched Kimi’s equipment nor touched Kimi himself.

To me it looks like his camera lens touched Kimi’s helmet as Kimi bent down. The fact that Kimi takes his helmet off straight away would seem to confirm this (is he checking the helmet isn’t damaged?). In any case I put this down as a “racing incident” (ie. both parties are to blame)

What does everyone else think? In any case, it’s not quite as entertaining as Kimi’s former teammate Juan Pablo Montoya though…

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  1. Damn! It looks as if Kimi stood there afterwards daring the guy to get back up and start a fight! I don;t think the Iceman was looking for one, but damn if he wasn’t squared off and ready.

  2. maybe this video will tell u what happened.
    u even can hear Mark Arnall warned that photographer
    ” Mind the stuff ….”
    then ……

  3. BlackReign – Kimi was definitely not an “Iceman” at that point in time eh? But I think it’s good to see a bit of emotion from him. :)

    Wenny – Thanks for the link Wenny. Great quality video there! :) I’d seen that clip on YouTube but having a high quality clip does make it easier to see what’s going on.

    You’re spot on about Mark Arnall – he clearly gets mad at the photographer before Kimi “pounces” 8)

    I’m starting to take Kimi’s side a bit more on this one now because even if someone is “doing their job” like the photographers say, they should still respect someone’s personal space.

  4. u’r welcome. :)
    this was taken by Paul-Henri Cahier.
    those by other photographers.

    according to those pics and that position that photographer fell down,
    anyone can recognize obviously that photographer did came on top of kimi’s stuff

  5. Wenny – Thanks for the links to the pictures. His feet certainly do seem to be right at Kimi’s bag/gear.

    What I don’t understand is how so many photographers are wearing shorts on a cold miserable English day! ;)

  6. “can’t we all just get along?” Even if the gut was standing on the equipment he didn’t have to push him that hard.

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