Valencia – Cowabunga Massa

{ Posted on Aug 27 2008 by dScribe }
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Felipe Massa - Cowabunga - Shaka

Valencia Circuit – One word – gorgeous!

European Grand Prix – One word – boring!

Despite being a rather boring race it was great to see a different track. Not only that, it was a rather beautiful track. Love the fact the cars had a bridge to go over too – nice touch :) Will be very interesting to see the Singapore Grand Prix later this year too. Anyway, back to the race, drivers and teams…

Felipe Massa – If ever a win was truly deserved it was this one. What a great way to come back from such a disappointment in the last round. Massa is driving like a man who well and truly deserves to be world champion. It’s amazing to think he had some really embarrassing moments earlier in the year. He’s put it all together now though and is showing he’s worthy. Well done! :)

Also, I don’t know what this cowabunga/shaka hand thing he was doing at the end of the race was, but it was funny :)   It was either cowabunga or a Twinings ad… 8)
Lewis Hamilton – Not his best race, but still a strong result especially given he was a bit ill.

Kimi Raikkonen – The fact that his engine blew up doesn’t really hide the fact that his race performances are just terrible lately. I wonder if he can put it all back together like Massa did show

Fernando Alonso and the Spanish Fans – Oh, the pain!! 8)  But hey, I think his qualifying performance was more painful…

Renault Engine – Seems to be the top of everyone’s most hated/unwanted list lately…

Robert Kubica – A rather “anonymous” drive. Nothing exciting, but another good result. Shame he hasn’t been able to keep the points ticking that well since his win earlier in the year…

Heikki Kovalainen – Another number 2 drive… and that could be number 2 as in driver or as in “I need to do a number 2″… ;)

Sebastian Vettel – Proving once again he’s a star.

Red Bull vs Toro Rosso – Wow.. the Toro Rosso guys are really making their car work well now. Surely Red Bull can’t just blame the Renault engine alone can they? Maybe.. :)

Toyota – Keep an eye on them, especially Timo Glock (even though Jarno Trulli finished higher)… :P

Honda – ke!?

Nick Heidfeld – It was nice knowing you… :)

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