Italian GP – Well, it’s sort of Minardi

{ Posted on Sep 18 2008 by dScribe }

Another wet race, another exciting couple of hours! :)   The fact that Lewis Hamilton and/or his McLaren team messed up qualifying helped keep things spicy in the race. But what about Sebastian Vettel? What a magnificent win for him and the team with “Minardi DNA”… such a turn around from a similar time last year when Vettel was seen crying after crashing into Mark Webber

Sebastian Vettel – I think the fact that most people are very happy that Sebastian won says a lot. Everybody loves seeing someone “genuine” win, and I think we have that in Sebastian. He’s pulled the odd move while battling this year, but in the main drives fair and is gracious in victory and defeat (hopefully he has more victory of course ;) ). Top job! :)

Heikki Kovalainen – Well, he kept it on the track, but it seems something is still missing with his performances?

Robert Kubica – Solid job. Shame BMW dropped the ball a bit in the middle of the season because he really could have been a championship contender.

Fernando Alonso – Quite a surprising result given how underpowered the Renault engine seems to be. Guess we can thank the rain for that.

Nick Heidfeld – Now that’s better, both BMWs getting a good haul of points at the same time for once! :)

Felipe Massa – Did great compared with his teammate. Considering the Ferrari seems quite bad in the wet it was good damage control. But what if Lewis had qualified better?

Lewis Hamilton – Damn quick as usual. It would be a big surprise if he didn’t win the championship this year, especially with rain predicted for the next round in Singapore. Seems he won’t be making many friends along the way though pushing people to the limits of the track when passing them Perhaps he was bitter about Spa where it seemed Kimi squeezed him? Still, impressive drive.

Mark Webber – Unlucky not to finish a lot higher. His contact with Lewis seemed to slow his charge a fair bit toward the end. Can only imagine how good he and Alonso could have done with a bit more HP.

Kimi Raikkonen – Oh dear… really, what is going on here? It’s almost reminicent of other falls from grace we’ve seen like Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve… maybe Kimi for NASCAR in 2011? :P

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