Photo: Chocolate McLaren F1 Car!

{ Posted on Mar 31 2007 by dScribe }

Chocolate McLaren F1 Car

A Spanish pastry chef from Ibi in the Alicante province has created a chocolate McLaren Mercedes MP4/22 powered by cocoa (jokes :) ). It weighs 120 kilograms and is 220 cm long and is intended to be a tribute to dual world champion Fernando Alonso (or a publicity stunt if you ask me ;) ).

Now I don’t know much about chocolate (other than how to send it to my stomach at 320 kph), but if you ask me this is a rather crappy effort. First of all it’s so square that it looks more like a Minardi F1 car from a few years back. And what’s with those triangular sidepods and those bulges on the front wing end plates? :)

In reality this has nothing on the McLaren F1 ice car.. although it would taste better than the ice… :)

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