Go Easy on Alonso – Rail James Allen

{ Posted on May 14 2007 by dScribe }
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The Spanish Grand Prix was yet another day Fernando Alonso would like to forget. But hey, 3rd position isn’t really that bad at the end of the day is it? Straight to the points..

Felipe Massa – Made a bad start, almost caused an accident and then won the race in a dominant car. But full marks for trying soooo hard to pump the team on the podium like Michael Schumacher used to. At least Schumacher was genuine about it :P

Lewis Hamilton – Good start but that’s about it.

James Allen – Had to include ITV F1 commentator James Allen straight after Lewis Hamilton because the guy is so far up his arse it’s not funny. I thought once he pulled himself out of Michael Schumacher’s arse we wouldn’t have to hear how wonderful one driver was every single Grand Prix, but I guess I was hoping for too much.. :)

Fernando Alonso – I don’t know why people were so critical of Alonso trying to overtake Massa into the first corner considering he was in the lead? It was Fernando’s only chance of victory and he knew it. If it were Michael Schumacher attempting the pass James Allen would have been raving about how brave he was trying to pass on the outside.. :P So not a bad job from Fernando, but I must admit that 2nd stint on the hard tyres was woeful..

Kimi Raikkonen – The irony.. McLaren can’t build a reliable car so I’ll go to Ferrari because they’re so reliable.. :P

David Coulthard – Drive of the day, no question about it. You have to admire a driver who fights right till the end despite mechanical problems. Well done DC! :)

Takuma Sato – Very nice that he scored Super Aguri’s first points. If it wasn’t for Renaults fuel rig problems though, it would have been a different story. But good job none-the-less!

Mark Webber – Has anyone managed to DNF an entire season before?

Nick Heidfeld – We’ve praised you a lot this season, but today you were outraced by your teammate and what on earth did you think the Toyota mechanic was holding up in front of your face after you dragged a wheelgun and a mechanic half way down the pits?

Ted Kravitz – (I think it was Ted Kravitz who said this, but if I’m wrong please correct me!) Ted did a great job in naming the BMW “lollipop” man who let Nick Heidfeld go before the crew had finished working on the car during his pit stop. Sure, the guy messed up big time but I’m sure he already felt really sh*t without you having to name him on international TV! Talk about kicking someone when they’re down.

Michael Schumacher – Seriously, who wears white pants? :)

Heinz-Harald Frentzen – Was that you I saw in the pits? :)

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