Schumacher Taxi – Suckers

{ Posted on Dec 20 2007 by dScribe }

Earlier we called out the Schumacher taxi story as smelling a bit fishy. Media agencies around the world took the bait and now here’s the hook – Tuncer Yilmaz, owner and driver of the taxi, wants to sell the taxi (last bid was apparently 63,000 Euros!). His reason is supposedly to pay for any legal costs that might happen due to the police investigating Schumacher over the incident. How convenient…

The worst part is not that he’s trying to capitalize on the situation… well, actually that does suck b*lls, but what’s with these idiots who bid for items like this? Bidding for this stuff just makes more scammers come out of the woodwork. I guess some people would need a van to go pick up their slices of Virgin Mary toast though… ;)

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  1. Heya :)

    I’d sell the cab too :D I’d ask a shaytload more than 63k euro though … The X-mas greetings on Schumi’s site made the #1 of top stories in NewsNow F1. Appearantly the man is still hot (ewwW) so if he had driven my 300k kilometers-on-the-dial crap cab I’d be a fool if I didn’t. Next oppurtunity would be selling it for 4k on Ebay :’)

    Besides … (still under the assumption that all is true) the cabby indeed might be in for some legal costs.

    I, on the other hand, still think it’s not newsworthy :P If Schumi’s X-mas greeting are able to make the headlines then the farting incident is not far away.

    Merry Xmas btw :)

  2. Still no news reports on the “incdent”….hope you had a great Christmas dscribe…..!

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  4. bloody scammers

  5. Obviously I’m way late but…
    MORON, of course he should sell the cab. he’s a fuckin’ cabbie pulling down (probably) very little scratch. If he can benefit from this then so be it. The only thing that sucks balls about this is you. Twit.

  6. biff – I heard cab drivers get heaps of “scratch” – especially the stinky ones ;)

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