German GP – Lewis Unstoppable

{ Posted on Jul 22 2008 by dScribe }
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I know it’s still early in the season, but it might be a good time to put that bet on Lewis Hamilton for the championship. McLaren are clearly faster than Ferrari now and the fact that Kimi’s driving is leaving a lot to be desired doesn’t help the cause at all…

Lewis Hamilton – Simply in another class, again…

McLaren – Talk about shooting yourself in the foot – their strategy of not bringing Lewis in during the safety car period was plain stupidity. They would have had egg on their face if Lewis had tangled with the cars he had to pass to retake the lead (which could have so easily happened given Lewis’ all-or-nothing passing style).

Nelson Piquet Jr – What a fantastic drive to 2nd place!! Well, not really… that was sarcasm there… ;)   Still, I’m happy for Nelson but talk about luck! I wonder where he would have finished without the pace car.. 6th….. 6th last that is..? 8)

Fernando Alonso – While I’m sure he’s happy for Nelson, he’d also be a bit disturbed that the Brazilian has outperformed him for a few races in a row – regardless of the luck involved. I think the turning point was when Sebastian Vettel forced him over the white line on the exit from the pits. I think Alonso was justified in being angry about that but it then seemed he lost the plot from then on. To his credit he did perform some nice passes throughout the race – usually with Kimi then passing him each time though… 8)

Felipe Massa – Well, he did better than teammate Kimi at least but still…

Kimi Raikkonen -  What on earth is going on there? Kimi just hasn’t been himself in the last few races. It’s as if something was changed on the Ferrari that doesn’t work for him at all. Any ideas? Anyone? Aside from the lack of outright pace he did well to stay out of trouble while passing the likes of Alonso and others.

Ferrari – They’ve certainly lost a lot of ground to McLaren.

BMW – They’ve lose even more ground to McLaren and Ferrari…

Nick Heidfeld – If this guy could qualify better he’d probably be up there with teammate Robert Kubica in the championship.

Robert Kubica – Seems to be suffering by the fact BMW are dropping off the pace. Give him a quick car and he’s super quick. Give him a slow one and he just doesn’t seem to get much out of it.

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