Video: Raikkonen Knocks Small Girl Over

{ Posted on Jul 25 2008 by dScribe }
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Is this the reason for Kimi’s poor form in Germany?

Poor Kimi.. he’s had a rough few weeks with pushing over photographers and now this… Admittedly it looks like it’s the woman who made contact with the girl as she got excited for an autograph from Kimi, but still, not a nice look… 8)

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  1. It’s clear that the lady knocked the Child over. But, i think Kimi should have stopped to help the child up. I’m pretty sure the woman was trying to get Kimi’s autograph for her child.
    This situation is not a good look for Kimi.

  2. I side with Kimi on this one. He is obviously in a hurry to get somewhere (after all, he had a race to lose ;)

    The woman (in a rush for an autograph) pushed her clipboard in front of Kimi and as he brushed by, it knocked over the child.

    You will notice that the woman leaves her child on the ground and continues after Kimi, still trying to get his autograph. It looks like Kimi turns around and actually tells her to go and take care of her kid.

    Don’t feel too much pity for the child. Kids at that age are pretty durable and if she has paddock access at age 4(?), I am sure that life won’t be too bad :)

  3. it wasnt his fault.And its horrible to wach how media is trying to make kimi look like “BAD BOY” .Ok any way GO KIMI!hope he wins champoinship

  4. Boy George said: “I’m pretty sure the woman was trying to get Kimi’s autograph for her child.”

    I’m pretty sure you have no idea who she was trying to get the autograph for. I’m also pretty sure you’re wrong, based on the available evidence.

    The child seemed to have no interest in Kimi whatsoever as she wasn’t even watching his approach. The mother (presuming it *was* even her own child) had no interest in even checking the kid was OK.

    Hence, I *highly* doubt the autograph was for the child. My guess was it was for the woman herself, a friend, or Ebay.

  5. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen since… this morning.

  6. thts not kimi fault

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