Singapore Grand Prix – Night Race – Wow

{ Posted on Sep 30 2008 by dScribe }
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First point about the Singapore Grand Prix – how good do Formula One cars look under lights!? 8)  2008 has been such a good year for F1 with a great new venue in Valencia and now a just-as-impressive Singapore Grand Prix.

The only bad points about the Grand Prix were the track seems extremely difficult to pass on and unfortunately the ridiculous safety car / pit lane rules once again ruined the race results (unless you’re an Alonso fan of course :) ).

Nico Rosberg – Amazing race! Gets a stop-and-go and still manages to finish 2nd! Wow :)   It’s almost a shame Williams wants to hold on to Nico so much. Either give the guy the car he deserves or let him show his talent somewhere else.

Fernando Alonso – Even though luck played a huge part in the win, Fernando definitely deserved to win this Grand Prix. He looked like he could have had a chance to qualify on the front row if it weren’t for bad luck in qualifying. Then, in the race, once in front he was unstoppable. Quite a nice surprise.

Felipe Massa – The term “poor Felipe” seems to be said a lot. I think that’s how the season will end too unfortunately. Once again he drove a perfect race until his team (or their automated pit system?) stuffed it up for him. After that he was not the driver he can be. Felipe is always a different driver when he leads a Grand Prix. Once he gets on the back foot he falls apart a bit.

Lewis Hamilton – Massa seemed to have him beat in the beginning, but once again Lewis brought home the points that are crucial in the chase for the World Championship.

Kimi Raikkonen – Off, on, off, on, off into the wall… When Kimi was catching Lewis I thought the old Kimi was back. What a shame I was wrong.

Heikki Kovalainen – Crap. Next.

Timo Glock – Once again showing he could be a lead driver for Toyota in the future as opposed to a mobile chicane like some Toyota drivers… ;)

Jarno Trulli – Ok, the mobile chicane comment was harsh because Jarno is doing quite a good job when you think about it :)

Sebastian Vettel – Great drive, again :)   Not as high up as he potentially could have been, but if it had rained I would have placed a bet… ;)

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