Singapore Grand Prix – Night Race – Wow

{ Posted on Sep 30 2008 by dScribe }
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First point about the Singapore Grand Prix – how good do Formula One cars look under lights!? 8)  2008 has been such a good year for F1 with a great new venue in Valencia and now a just-as-impressive Singapore Grand Prix.

The only bad points about the Grand Prix were the track seems extremely difficult to pass on and unfortunately the ridiculous safety car / pit lane rules once again ruined the race results (unless you’re an Alonso fan of course :) ).

Nico Rosberg – Amazing race! Gets a stop-and-go and still manages to finish 2nd! Wow :)   It’s almost a shame Williams wants to hold on to Nico so much. Either give the guy the car he deserves or let him show his talent somewhere else.

Fernando Alonso – Even though luck played a huge part in the win, Fernando definitely deserved to win this Grand Prix. He looked like he could have had a chance to qualify on the front row if it weren’t for bad luck in qualifying. Then, in the race, once in front he was unstoppable. Quite a nice surprise.

Felipe Massa – The term “poor Felipe” seems to be said a lot. I think that’s how the season will end too unfortunately. Once again he drove a perfect race until his team (or their automated pit system?) stuffed it up for him. After that he was not the driver he can be. Felipe is always a different driver when he leads a Grand Prix. Once he gets on the back foot he falls apart a bit.

Lewis Hamilton – Massa seemed to have him beat in the beginning, but once again Lewis brought home the points that are crucial in the chase for the World Championship.

Kimi Raikkonen – Off, on, off, on, off into the wall… When Kimi was catching Lewis I thought the old Kimi was back. What a shame I was wrong.

Heikki Kovalainen – Crap. Next.

Timo Glock – Once again showing he could be a lead driver for Toyota in the future as opposed to a mobile chicane like some Toyota drivers… ;)

Jarno Trulli – Ok, the mobile chicane comment was harsh because Jarno is doing quite a good job when you think about it :)

Sebastian Vettel – Great drive, again :)   Not as high up as he potentially could have been, but if it had rained I would have placed a bet… ;)

4 Responses to “Singapore Grand Prix – Night Race – Wow”

  1. WOW….. Alonso did very good job again… :D VIVA ALONSO… :D
    i’m so happy that he won the race….
    it was 15 race in the champioship my favorite number and he start in the 15th place… wow i don’t believe that…
    anw i was sad about Massa cause this time i wanted massa to win to pass Hamilton in the champioship but he didn’t…it’s ok massa keep going…. :D

  2. Uuuu… It wasn’t good race 4 Kubica:( But Nico was 2nd:D I know he have a very big telent:)

  3. as a Mclaren man its great result overall for me, retaking first in constructors looked very unlikely before this race, i really do fancy us now if heikki gets his finger out and helps lewis a bit! and on Lewis – he just looks like he could dominate formula one for years!
    and just a wee point, is it me or has Massa made more mistakes than anyone this year? its just all his spins and running wide have come collectively in only 2 grand prix! dont get me wrong he really has impressed me this year, i slated him to start with. but man he doesnt half loose it when he’s got some fighting to do, not my idea of agreta world champion.
    and ye, they cars looked absolutely awesome under the lights :-)

  4. If the Singapore Circuit was a circus, certainly it was a Clown’s day ;)

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